Laboratory of advanced materials and technology

The Laboratory of Advanced Materials and Technology of Siberian Physical-Technical Institute of Tomsk State University was founded in 2008. Research works in physics and chemistry are carried out in the laboratory. Both synthesis and characterization of physical-chemical and functional properties of different materials are included into the laboratory's research interests. The main areas are:

  • spectroscopy including laser spectroscopy;
  • nonlinear crystal-optics;
  • laser ablation for nanostructures synthesis;
  • photochemistry including photocatalysis;
  • electrochemical analytical methods;
  • chemical methods for nanomaterials synthesis including quantum dots;
  • physical-chemical properties on nanomaterials investigation.

The Laboratory is integrated into the structure of Tomsk Regional Center for collective use of scientific equipment (CCU). That allows to expand significantly the scope of the researches, in particular, to use widely such methods as electronic microscopy and X-ray analysis.

The Laboratory is connected with three departments: Physical, Chemical and Department of Radio-physics. The Laboratory staff gives lectures for these Department's students. Students and post-graduate students do their research works and diploma projects in the Laboratory