The XIII International Conference on Pulsed Lasers and Laser Applications-AMPL-2017 will be held in Tomsk on September 10-15, 2017.

The Conference topics include the following:

  • gas and plasma lasers, metal vapor lasers;
  • photonics of optical materials, optoelectronics;
  • femtosecond laser systems;
  • laser systems, and new laser and optical technologies, laser applications;
  • non-coherent UV and VUV-radiation sources;
  • conversion of laser radiation, optoelectronic devices, nonlinear optics;
  • round table discussions "Biofotonics";
  • gas discharges for lasers and non-coherent radiation sources.

    SPTI TSU is among the organizers of AMPL, and is represented by the staff of the Laboratory of New Materials and Advanced Technologies. We invite colleagues and students to participate in the Conference! Detailed information is available on the link: